VSF MB Power Track 100 cm Aluminium anodised + 3 sockets GS3 titanium free

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VSF-MB power track.  Available in several length.

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  2. |Specification|
    Voltage : 220-250 Volts
    Rated current : 16 A
    Dimensions 60 : (W) 95.3 mm x (H) 89.6 mm
    Dimensions 90 : (W) 103 mm x (H) 64.6 mm

    Material : Aluminium
    Length : 80 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm.

    The VSF-MB power track is suitable for all types of surfaces, even glass.  The profile is design and tilting 60 or 90. It is possible to fix the track in two ways, either by fixing it to the wall or by simply putting it on with the two bases. Two DS3 faceplates are supplied with the power track (which it is possible to add RJ45 keystone).   The VSF-MB come with 2 meters of cable.

    The VSF-MB is delivered without electric socket, the sockets can be purchase separately according to your needs.

    This power track cannot be cut
  3. |Documentations|
    - Leaflet/brochures VSF-MB
    - User/installation guideline VSF-MB